The Laundromat

In this The Big Short (2015)- esque dramedy dependent on the Mossack Fonseca embarrassment, a cast of characters research a protection extortion, pursuing prompts a couple of a showy Panama City law accomplices abusing the world's budgetary framework. Director: Steven SoderberghWriters: Jake Bernstein (book), Scott Z. Burns (screenplay)Stars: Gary Oldman, Antonio Banderas, AJ Meijer ★★★★★★ … Continue reading The Laundromat

The Drone

A love bird couple is threatened by a purchaser ramble that has turned out to be aware with the awareness of a disturbed sequential executioner. Director: Jordan RubinWriters: Al Kaplan, Jon Kaplan Stars: Sam Adegoke, Edgar Blackmon, Anita Briem ★★★★ Trailer on Youtube Click here to watch The Drone

The Haunted

Emily's lands for her first night-move as a guardian, to an old dementia persistent. In a separated house her night transforms into a bad dream as she is tormented by a wrathful soul, and begins to reveal the house's dim insider facts. Director: David HolroydWriter: David HolroydStars: Nick Bayly, Maggie Daniels, Virginia Denham ★★★★ Trailer … Continue reading The Haunted

Pig Hag

Jodie, a lady in her mid-thirties, battles with the strain to discover an accomplice and have kids. At the point when she goes to a Guns N' Roses show, she figures she may have met a potential suitor- - until he apparitions on her. Directors: Colby Holt (co-director), Sam Probst (co-director) Writer: Colby Holt Stars: … Continue reading Pig Hag

Hitsville: The Making of Motown

Narrative film that spotlights on the period starting with the introduction of Motown in Detroit in 1958 until its movement to Los Angeles in the mid 1970s. Directors: Benjamin Turner, Gabe TurnerStars: Berry Gordy, Smokey Robinson, Miller London ★★★★★★★★ Trailer on Youtube Click here to watch Hitsville The Making of Motown

Greener Grass

Rural soccer mothers end up always contending with one another in their own lives as their children settle their disparities on the field. Directors: Jocelyn DeBoer, Dawn LuebbeWriters: Jocelyn DeBoer , Dawn LuebbeStars: D'Arcy Carden, Dot-Marie Jones, Neil Casey ★★★★★★ Trailer on Youtube Click here to watch Greener Grass