Surkhi Bindi

Rano grew up longing for wedding a Prince Charming from Canada, yet soon she understands she has no quality to pull in a man of the hour from that point. She is a splendid make-up craftsman and expectations that this ability would some way or another get her a NRI groom. Tsk-tsk, her reality self-destructs when she is compelled to wed Sukha, who she dislikes.Fate before long leaves the youthful couple destitute, and they start life once again, and start a stunner salon inside the one room which they have leased. Before long their reality pivots, and Rano starts anticipating moving to Canada. So as to acquire the money required she participates in a Beauty Contest to satisfy her fantasies. SURKHI BINDI is the account of a youthful couple with isolated dreams and how they land at their goals together.

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